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Natural cleft pennsylvania bluestone is cut from the bluestone quarry in cubes and mostly used for flooring but also clading and veneer. These cubes are composed of compressed sedimentary layers of stone which are split apart. Once a piece is split from the cube it can be called a piece of flagstone or bluestone. Such a piece is inspected for flaws and then re cut on a large table saw. There are 12 standard sizes that quarries make and these include: 11.5"x11.5", 11.5"x17.5", 11.5"x23.5", 11.5"x29.5", 11.5x35.5", 17.5"x17.5", 17.5"x23.5", 17.5"x29.5", 17.5"x35.5", 23.5"x23.5", 23.5"x29.5" and 23.5"x35.5. It is important to note that natural cleft is not perfectly square but should be square to the eye. Also each piece varies in thickness. Most suppliers specify +/- 1/4" on thickness variance so "1" could therefore mean 3/4" up to 1 and 1/4". It is important not to assume but to make sure you know variance to expect from your bluestone supplier prior to having material shipped to the project site. The project manager will need to ensure that the suppliers specified variance will work with the project layout.Natural Cleft comes in all blue ("blue blue") or "full color". It may also be purchased in large broken sheets and this type of bluestone is usually refereed to as broken or stand-up. The term "irregular" bluestone or flagstone causes confusion between random size squares and rectangles ("random pattern") and broken stand-up and therefore should not be used.
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pa full color flagstone with blue pool coping

full color irregular flagstone